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4 Romance Books Written by Native American Authors

by Silvana Reyes November 22, 2022

For Native American Heritage Month, or as it’s commonly known, American Indian and Alaska Native Heritage Month, we wanted to showcase some fabulous romance books written by Native American authors. Because of how many Native romance novels there are out there written by white authors, it’s so very important to also share a spotlight on the romance books written by Native authors. Rarely do we see them on lists, so hopefully in the years to come, we see more and more Native authors getting the opportunity to share their books with us. 

King of Battle and Blood by Scarlett St. Clair

King of Battle and Blood by Scarlett St. Clair

Of course, I had to talk about Scarlett St. Clair and her epic fantasy romance that isKing of Battle and Blood. If you have wanted to read more steamy fantasy books, this book is definitely for you!

It follows Isolde, a human princess, who has to marry the king of the vampires, Adrian, in order to secure peace in her kingdom. What starts as a marriage of convenience soon turns into a deep relationship between the two of them. There is court intrigue, bloody fights, betrayal, and lots of romantic moments as well.


Taking on the Billionaire by Robin Covington

Taking on the Billionaire by Robin Covington

This billionaire romance features a private investigator and a self-made tech billionaire who needs her help to find the person who is sabotaging his company.

After Tess Lynch helped him find his family, he doesn’t want to part with her yet. And maybe she doesn’t either… But even though she’s hired to investigate Adam’s company, she also pursues a plan of her own; to get even for what Adam’s adoptive father did to hers. 



Heartbeat Braves by Pamela Sanderson

Heartbeat Braves by Pamela Sanderson

Workplace romances are always so entertaining andHeartbeat Braves is no different. This story is set in an urban Indian center and introduces Rayanne, the heroine, to us.

Rayanne works there and the center is underfunded and very much struggling. This is why the new leader hands her special project to his nephew. He’s annoying but also attractive, so you see the problem, right? 


Over and Over Again by Cole McCade

Over and Over Again by Cole McCade

Over and Over Again is the slowest slow-burn romance you won’t help but adore as soon as you start reading it. It tells the story of Luca Ward who once upon a time told Imre Claybourne he would love him forever.

Years later, Luca finds himself at Imre’s goat farm and his deep-buried feelings still hold true. But what if the man you love is twice your age and… your father’s best friend?! This delicious forbidden romance is everything you’re searching for!



What's your favorite romance book by a Native American author?

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