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Get Ready for the Most Anticipated Romance Novel Releases of 2024!

by Silvana Reyes January 29, 2024

Happy New Year, everyone! As we step into the new year, I'm thrilled to share some of the upcoming romance releases that have caught my eye. While there are too many to mention them all, each one promises to captivate with its stunning covers and compelling narratives. Today, I'll highlight a few that particularly intrigue me. This year's offerings include tales of ghostwriters navigating unexpected romance with their bosses,moving into the Spite House they bought for their ex, and the struggle of an ice hockey captain to resist falling for his tutor. These diverse and enticing stories are sure to enchant us all.

At First Spite by Olivia Dade

At First Spite by Olivia Dade

A great author with a new release is Olivia Dade.At First Spite follows Athena who, after her fiancé ends their engagement, has to move into the Spite House, the house she recklessly bought him as a wedding gift. It’s small and her ex’s brother also lives next door. Great, right? So, a little payback won’t hurt him, especially if she starts listening to erotic audiobooks at top volume.

Blurb: Bestselling author Olivia Dade welcomes you to Harlot’s Bay in this delightfully sexy rom-com about a woman who buys the town's famous Spite House, only to realize the infuriating man she can't stand lives right next door—and their unwilling proximity might spark something neither can ignore.

When Athena Greydon’s fiancé ends their engagement, she has no choice but to move into the Spite House she recklessly bought him as a wedding gift. Which is a problem, for several reasons: The house, originally built as a brick middle finger to the neighbors, is only ten feet wide. Her ex’s home is literally attached to hers. And Dr. Matthew Vine the Freaking Third—AKA the uptight, judgy jerk who convinced his younger brother to leave her—is living on her other side, only a four-foot alley away.

If she has to see Matthew every time she looks out her windows, she might as well have some fun with the situation. By, say, playing erotic audiobooks at top volume with those windows open. A woman living in a Spite House is basically obligated to get petty payback however she can, right?

Unfortunately, loathing Matthew proves more difficult than anticipated. He helps her move. He listens. And he’s kind of…hot? Dammit.

Matthew may not regret ending his brother's engagement, but he does regret what the breakup has done to Athena. He'll help her however he can. If that means finding her work, fine. If that means enduring nightly steamy story hours, so be it. And if that means watching Athena through their windows a bit too often and caring about her a bit too much…well, nothing can come of it. She’ll never forgive him. Even if she did, how could he ever tell his beloved younger brother the truth—that Matthew wants the very same woman he encouraged Johnny to leave?

When Grumpy Met Sunshine by Charlotte Stein

When Grumpy Met Sunshine by Charlotte Stein

If you love grumpy/sunshine romance novels, this book might be perfect for you. Charlotte Stein’s title centers around a grumpy former football player and the sunshine-y ghostwriter assigned to write his memoir.

Blurb: A steamy, opposites-attract romance with undeniable chemistry between a grumpy retired footballer and his fabulous and very sunshine-y ghostwriter.

When grumpy ex-footballer Alfie Harding gets badgered into selling his memoirs, he knows he’s never going to be able to write them. He hates revealing a single thing about himself, is allergic to most emotions, and can’t imagine doing a good job of putting pen to paper.

And so in walks curvy, cheery, cute as heck ghostwriter Mabel Willicker, who knows just how to sunshine and sass her way into getting every little detail out of Alfie. They banter and bicker their way to writing his life story, both of them sure they’ll never be anything other than at odds.

But after their business arrangement is mistaken for a budding romance, the pair have to pretend to be an item for a public who’s ravenous for more of this Cinderella story. Or at least, it feels like it’s pretend—until each slow burn step in their fake relationship sparks a heat neither can control. Now they just have to decide: is this sizzling chemistry just for show? Or something so real it might just give them their fairytale ending?


Isabel and the Rogue by Liana De la Rosa

Isabel and the Rogue by Liana De la Rosa

Because you can’t talk about romance without mentioning the historical genre, I have to addIsabel and the Rogue, the sequel toAna María and the Fox. In the first novel, you got to meet the Luna sisters, who had never really felt free back in Mexico with their father’s presence near. Now they’re living in London and bonding like never before. Yet the middle Luna sister, Isabel, still feels like the wallflower, like the “uninteresting” sister. Spies, secrets, and roguish captains are what await Isabel in this new novel.

Blurb: When a Mexican heiress defies Victorian society to protect her country a British war hero makes it his new mission to protect her…

Isabel Luna Valdés has long since resigned herself to being the “forgotten” Luna sister. But thanks to familial connections to the Mexican ambassador in London, wallflower Isabel is poised to unearth any British intelligence hidden by the ton that might aid Mexico during the French Occupation. Though she slips easily from crowded ballrooms into libraries and private studies, Isabel’s search is hampered by trysting couples and prowling rogues—including the rakish Captain Sirius Dawson.

As a covert agent for the British Home Office, Sirius makes a game of earning the aristocracy’s confidence. He spends his days befriending foolish politicians and seducing well-born ladies in order to learn their secrets. But after he spies a certain sharp-tongued Luna sister lurking in the shadows where no proper debutante should venture, it’s clear Sirius is outmatched, outwitted, and soon to be outmaneuvered by the one woman he can’t resist.

Their mutual attraction is undeniable, but when Isabel discovers private correspondence that could turn the tide of political turmoil in Mexico, she’s willing to do whatever it takes to protect her country—even if this means ignoring her heart and courting danger...


Savor It by Tarah DeWitt

Savor It by Tarah DeWitt

Savor Itis the perfect book for the summer with its charming little town and hot love story. The story follows Sage who has learned to love her small world. But after her 5-year relationship suddenly ends, she needs a plan to make everyone see that she does not need their pity. An annual summer competition might be the solution but first, she needs someone to partner up with. And the former hotshot chef living next door is the perfect one to do it with. 

Blurb: Summer won't last forever.

Sage Byrd has lived in the coastal town of Spunes, Oregon (not to be confused with Forks, Washington) her entire life. She's learned to love her small world, with the misfit animals on her hobby farm, and her friendships with the town’s inhabitants. But when her 5-year relationship ends and her ex, town-golden-boy Ian, suddenly gets engaged, Sage needs a win—something that will convince everyone to stop pitying her all the time, and to put Ian in his place. The Festival of Spunes, the town’s annual summer competition, would be the perfect opportunity. She just needs a partner.

Fisher Lange was a hotshot chef in New York City until the loss of his sister left him numb, grieving, and responsible for his teenage niece Indy. When Fisher loses his Michelin star along with his love of cooking, his boss sends him and Indy to Spunes on a much-needed summer sabbatical to consult on a restaurant opening. But when clashes with the townspeople threaten his last chance to redeem himself and a kiss with his new neighbor Sage leads to dating rumors, a strategic alliance might just be the best way to turn things around.

A deal is struck. Sage will improve Fisher’s image in the eyes of the town and remove the roadblocks he is facing with the restaurant, and Fisher will be Sage’s partner for the competition. But as their pact quickly turns into steamy rendezvous, emotional wounds begin to heal, and the pair tries to savor every moment, they start to realize that summer is racing by much faster than they would like...

Filled with spicy summer fun, small-town charm, and Big Feelings, this highly anticipated romcom is Tarah DeWitt’s best yet.


The Rule Book by Sarah Adams

The Rule Book by Sarah Adams

For a sports romance, Sarah Adams has what you need!The Rule Book, her newest romance, is here to completely make us fall in love with a sports agent and her college ex-boyfriend. In this second-chance romance, Nora knows that if she wants to make it as a sports agent, she must work alongside NFL tight end Derek, who also happens to be her ex. After a not-so-great breakup, Derek is committed to making the girl who broke his heart suffer a little. Until they both end up in bed one night in Vegas, married.

Blurb: College exes break all the rules when they reunite years later in this enemies to lovers, second-chance romance, the highly anticipated companion novel to the TikTok sensation The Cheat Sheet—from Sarah Adams, the New York Times bestselling author of Practice Makes Perfect.

“A really fun, chemistry-filled sports romance you don’t want to miss!”—Hannah Grace, author of Icebreaker

Nora Mackenzie’s entire career lies in the hands of famous NFL tight end Derek Pender, who also happens to be her extremely hot college ex-boyfriend. Nora didn’t end things as gracefully as she could have back then, and now it has come back to haunt her. Derek is her first client as an official full-time sports agent and he’s holding a grudge.

Derek has set his sights on a little friendly revenge. If Nora Mackenzie, the first girl to ever break his heart, wants to be his agent, oh, he’lllether be his agent. The plan is simple: make Nora’s life absolutely miserable. But if Derek knows anything about the woman he once loved—she won’t quit easily. 

Instead of giving in, Nora starts a scheme of her own. But then a wild night in Vegas leads to Nora and Derek in bed the next morningmarried.With their rule book out the window, could this new relationship save their careers or spark the romance of a lifetime?


Daydream by Hannah Grace

Daydream by Hannah Grace

Fan-favorite Henry is finally getting his happily ever after inDaydream, the third book in the Maple Hills series. Hannah Grace returns with yet another spectacular romance set in Maple Hills, a fictional college set in California. Procrastination leads Henry to sign up into a difficult class with a professor he dislikes and now, he might need some help trying to pass the class. Enter Halle, a junior who suddenly befriends him after he crashes her book club.

Blurb: The third in the New York Times bestselling Maple Hills series follows fan-favorite Henry and a bookish fellow student who come up with a plan to help them both overcome their respective challenges in a difficult year.

When his procrastination lands him in a difficult class with his least favorite professor, Henry Turner knows he’s going to have to work extra hard to survive his junior year of college. And now with his new title of captain for the hockey team—which he didn’t even want—Henry absolutely cannot fail. Enter Halle Jacobs, a fellow junior who finds herself befriended by Henry when he accidentally crashes her book club.

Halle may not have the romantic pursuits of her favorite fictional leads, but she’s an academic superstar, and as soon as she hears about Henry’s problems with his class reading material, she offers to help. Too bad being a private tutor isn’t exactly ideal given her own studies, job, book club, and the novel she’s trying to write. But new experiences are the key to beating her writer’s block, and Henry’s promising to be the one to give them to her.

They just need to stick to their rule book.

Oh, and not fall in love

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