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The Art of the Grovel in Romance Books

by Silvana Reyes June 28, 2023

Remember when I mentioned in my previous post how a groveling scene can totally make or break a romance book? Well, let's dive into that topic a bit more, shall we? Now, I know there's been some talk and debate about those dramatic third-act breakup scenes, but guess what? I'm a huge fan of them, especially in romance books! Why, you ask? Well, here's the scoop: I absolutely love it when the groveling happens after the breakup. It's that magical moment when the person who messed up finally realizes they can't live without their other half and goes all out to win them back. Talk about fireworks!

Seriously, there's nothing quite like a well-crafted groveling scene that brings characters back together in a perfect reunion. But here's the million-dollar question: just how much groveling is needed to make us believe in a happily ever after? Personally, I'm all about the long game. I adore it when the characters really have to work their tails off, maybe even taking weeks or months, to finally get back into each other's good graces. It's that kind of effort that makes me believe they can conquer anything life throws at them in the future. It's like a love endurance test!

So, are you ready for more romance books that deliver on those amazing groveling scenes? Buckle up, my friend, because we're about to embark on a thrilling journey filled with love, redemption, and plenty of heartfelt apologies. Let's dive right in and enjoy the ride!

King of Wrath by Ana Huang

King of Wrath by Ana Huang

In Ana Huang’s Kings of Sin series, you’ll find epic love stories that’ll surely grab your heart.King of Wrath follows Dante and Vivian who are promised to each other when Dante is suddenly threatened by Vivian’s father in revealing scandalous photos of his brother.

Quickly, they find themselves engaged to be married with neither of them wanting this. But even though there is no desire in this union at first, their feelings start to become compromised as time goes on. 



Sinners Consumed by Somme Sketcher

Sinners Consumed by Somme Sketcher

If you love mafia romances, you definitely have to try reading the Sinners Anonymous series. A fun, intense series filled with forbidden romances, found family, and exciting moments. In this list, I’m recommending the second and third books in the series. Both work as a duet, so in order to read book three, it is a must to read book two as well. 

Sinners Condemned andSinners Consumed tell the story of Rafe Visconti, a man with too much power, who has been told a redheaded beauty would come to him and bring him to his knees one day. And when Penny walks through the doors of his bar, and challenges him to play a game, unbeknown to her, she starts a war. 


There’s Something About Merry by Codi Hall

There’s Something About Merry by Codi Hall

This book is the cutest, holiday rom-com!There’s Something About Merry has an epic groveling scene and it’s probably one of the main reasons I adored reading this book. 

Enjoy all the holiday shenanigans in this novel set on a Christmas tree farm. When a guarded woman scared to love meets a single dad, sparks instantly fly. Maybe with a little bit of Christmas cheer, they can become something more.



Consider Me by Becka Mack

Consider Me by Becka Mack

Consider Me is an entertaining sports romance about a schoolteacher and a hockey player. If you love reformed playboys, this is the book for you. It has one of the best romance heroes out there! As soon as Carter Beckett sees Olivia, he’s a goner. He is the definition of the “he falls first” trope. 

But Olivia is apprehensive about starting something with this hockey superstar, because of his past. Yet when she starts to let his guard down, little by little Carter shows her how much he’s ready and how much he’s committed to everything with her.


Groveling scenes have a special place in the world of romance books. They hold the power to captivate us, evoke strong emotions, and ultimately bring about heartwarming reunions between beloved characters. Whether it's the gradual journey of redemption or the grand gesture of love, these scenes remind us that relationships are worth fighting for. So, let's embrace the magic of groveling in our favorite romance novels, cherishing the hope, growth, and resilience that they represent. Get ready to swoon and experience a rollercoaster of emotions as we delve into the pages of these delightful stories. Happy reading!

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