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The Best Grovel Scenes in Romance Books

by Silvana Reyes August 08, 2022

Reading angsty romance books makes me happy. Mainly because it means the love interests will have to work extra hard to get to their happily ever after, but also because most of the time one of them messed up really bad and they have to GROVEL for forgiveness in order to be happy forever with their love interest. There’s just something about a good grovel scene that makes a book ten times better!

There's nothing more delicious than a groveling scene so good it gives you  goosebumps and today I’m going to list romance books that feature amazing grovel scenes. 

I’m not going to describe the grovel scene or give away any spoilers because I truly believe in experiencing that for the first time for yourself but be certain that every book on this list has an epic grovel scene.

Twisted Love by Ana Huang

Twisted Love by Ana Huang

Huang starts her Twisted series withTwisted Love. This book follows Ava and Alex and their forbidden romance. Ava’s brother is about to leave for South America for work and he has asked Alex, his best friend, for a favor: keep an eye out for his little sister, Ava.

What started as just a favor to his friend soon turns into a romance between him and Ava, but each of them has secrets that they rather not revealed and they might be the ones to keep them from reaching their happily ever after. Think of this series as a light dark romance series!


The Tyrant Alpha’s Rejected Mate by Cate C. Wells

The Tyrant Alpha’s Rejected Mate by Cate C. Wells

This is probably one of the only books where you read the synopsis and you could see and feel the groveling already because when it comes toThe Tyrant Alpha’s Rejected Mate… it's about to get super angsty. 

Una has always felt like the black sheep of her pack. And she definitely is. But that’s not the only thing she is certain about; she knows she is Killian’s, the alpha of her pack, mate. Though when she tells him, she is publicly rejected! Killian doesn’t believe they are mates and he confidently tells her. He’s positive that he can stay away. But when Una doesn’t leave his mind he suddenly realizes that they’re in fact mates. The thing is… he might be too late.





The Day of the Duchess by Sarah MacLean

The Day of the Duchess by Sarah MacLean

If you can be certain of one thing is that Sarah MacLean is always going to deliver an amazing grovel scene. Most of her books feature them, but today let’s talk aboutThe Day of the Duchess. It’s an angsty tale of second chances between estranged spouses who find each other again.

After years in exile, the Duchess of Haven has finally returned to London. She suddenly finds her estranged husband looking for a new wife because he’s in need of an heir. She wants the divorced and he agrees to give it to her if she helps him choose the best wife for him. But this further complicates everything between them, because this means spending time together. And she knows she cannot resist him.

For Butter or Worse by Erin La Rosa

Fur Butter or Worse by Erin La Rosa

This upcoming romance has to be on your list. If you are searching for a foodie romance featuring enemies that have to fake date to save their careers, look no further because this book is it for you. 

For Butter or Worse tells the story of chef Nina and restaurateur Leo who don’t really like each other. Yet they work together, so they have to comply. But when Leo takes one joke too far, Nina surprises everyone by quitting on live television. Leo tries to make amends with Nina but they didn’t expect to be caught in what seemed a compromising position by the paparazzi. Now, everyone thinks they have been secret lovers! And their teams think that pretending to date might save their careers.

What about you? What's your favorite romance novel grovel? Let me know in the comments!

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