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April Romance Book and Chill Box Reveal

by Joanna Hart May 04, 2022

Our first box ever was so much fun to put together! Keep reading to take a peek at the romance novel plus all the items featured in this box. And don't miss out on the next box! Click here to get your box now!

Romance Book and Chill box reveal


 Small Town Romance Swoon

Small Town Pretender by Brighton WalshThe April box featured a signed paperback of Small Town Pretender by Brighton Walsh. I love this book and the entire series, which you can check out here. 
Aside from small town romance goodness you get:
✓ Friends-to-lovers
✓ Fake marriage
✓ Only one bed
Here's more about the book:
To make a small town believe a fake marriage, it has to look like the real thing.

Natalie Haven couldn’t get away from the suffocation of her hometown fast enough. Fluttering around the globe as a freelance photographer is far more to her liking. Even better that her unconventional job pisses off her daddy.

But when her best friend sends out an SOS, all her running comes to an end and she returns to the small southern town.

Asher McCoy can win over a crowd with a husky note and a strum of his guitar. Wooing a judge and proving he’s responsible enough to take custody of his niece and nephew won’t be so easy. But marriage makes any man look more respectable, and his best friend will be the perfect bride. Except for the tiny detail that their fake marriage has to look real, which means living in the same house and sleeping in only one bed—not to mention inciting an undeniable attraction between them.

But convincing Nat to put down roots in her hometown—and with him—will prove even more impossible than winning over the toughest judge.
If you missed out on the signed paperback, you can pick up a copy here.

Marble tumbler
This cute marble tumbler is perfect for sipping on your favorite drink while lost in the pages of a book. The marble with gold accents make a great sassy and classy combination together. And, it's double-walled keeping drinks cold longer while you read or anywhere you will be this summer!


Self Care Face Mask

Love up on your face with this mask infused with super nourishing and skin-plumping ingredients such as hydrolyzed collagen and Ganoderma lucidum mushroom extract will help bring out the best in your skin.

Perfect for a pampering yourself!


I've got your sweet tooth covered with this Jocelyn & Co. cookies! These cookies are cloud-like, light and fluffy vanilla cookies and come 4 mini cookies in each box, in case you choose to share or enough to last you until the end of your book!
Happily Ever After - HEA
If Romancelandia is your favorite destination, you need this souvenir of your trip! This is a 5 inch wide oval bumper sticker that says HEA and Happily Ever After. It's waterproof and weatherproof vinyl so, yes — you can stick it on your car!

Romance Novel Quote

Collectible quote card, featuring a quote from Small Town Pretender.


Spotify Book Playlist

Plus, a book playlist, curated by Brighton Walsh, check it out here.


Don't miss out on the next box, they sell out fast so clickhereto get yours now!


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