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Iconic Kissing Scenes in a Romance Novel

by Silvana Reyes July 06, 2022

Happy International Kissing Day! A good kiss can change your life or at the very least it can make your day a whole lot better! So in honor of International Kissing Day I’m going to share some of the best kissing scenes in romance. I won’t share all the details so you can get the full experience when you pick up the book. Worry not, all of these books will make you instantly swoon when you get to that hot kiss scene!

If you know me, I literally do not remember anything about the books I finish. Information just doesn't stick in my head after finishing a book…I know I’m not the only one! However these kissing scenes are so iconic that they just won’t ever walk out of my head.

Take the Lead by Jaqueline Snowe

Take The Lead by Jaqueline Snowe

There is a scene where Dani and Gabe have to kiss before they begin their fake dating ruse. But when Dani simply pecks him on the lips, Gabe’s reaction is less than enthusiastic, “You call that a kiss?” he says. This is the moment when Gabe takes the opportunity to show her how much he wants her with an epic kiss.

I adore fake dating romances because whenever they kiss it’s either because they have to put on a show for other people so they believe they are “dating” or because they can’t help it and they’re burning up for each other and they just have to kiss! InTake the Lead, they begin  fake dating because Dani wants her mother to stop arranging blind dates for her while Gabe wants to focus more on hockey. They have been friends since childhood, so their relationship is pretty fun from the beginning! 


People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry

People We Meet On Vacation by Emily Henry

When it comes to perfect kiss scenes, there is always going to be a book that features estranged best friends who have loved each other for a very long time. You know that when they finally kiss it’s going to be glorious. All that secret attraction and sexual tension? Chef’s kiss.

This is what happens in Emily Henry’s novel, People We Meet on Vacation, Poppy and Alex have been best friends forever, but then one summer two years before changed everything between them. The book starts with Poppy and Alex reuniting after years of being estranged, just to do one last trip together like in the old days. But when their feelings finally come to light a kiss or two might finally give them some answers.




The Belle and the Beard by Kate Canterbary

The Belle and the Beard by Kate Canterbary

The kiss scene I’m remembering vividly from this book is a sexy one. I remember them kissing in his kitchen, trying their hardest not to feel what they feel but they can’t deny their simmering attraction. In between kisses that get hot and heavy they just can’t seem to stop bickering! It’s the kissing AND the banter that’s super hot in this one.

Even when they’re having sex they argue and bicker endlessly! It’s literally so fun to read and Kate Canterbary is one of my new favorite writers because of this book.

If you’re in the mood for a city girl who goes to a small town and falls for her grumpy neighbor while her life is crashing down, readThe Belle and the Beardimmediately.


Juniper Hill by Devney Perry

Juniper Hill by Devney Perry

Another good kiss scene is in this book. Don’t you just love when one of the characters is constantly taking care of the other, bringing them food and being there for them when they need it?

Knox inJuniper Hill is just like that. In the book Memphis the heroine and her baby move to his apartment above his garage. He lives next door so when the baby cries at night, he can always hear him. But instead of ignoring the crying he goes there and helps her out. And even on days when she’s returning from work very late at night he leaves warm food for her outside so she can heat it up. 

Memphis questions him and tells him she doesn’t want to feel like a charity chase. But Knox’s reasons for doing that far exceed everything she’s thinking. It’s basically his love language! A kiss soon follows because Knox cannot explain the magnitude of his feelings towards Memphis.


Bet On It by Jodie Slaughter 

Bet on It by Jodie Slaughter

And lastly, another amazing romance book with equally iconic kissing scenes, Bet On It is an upcoming title that everyone needs to read. The kiss scene I remember is one where Aja and Walker are just coming out of the bingo hall and they feel that chemistry between them.

They have been crushing on each other, feeling each other out, for a bit now and they can’t help but express it in a steamy kiss! This kiss is HOT, you’ll have to read the rest to see what else happens during that super hot kissing scene!


Now it's your turn, share your favorite kissing scenes in romance novels in the comments! 

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