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Can You Protect Me? 5 Bodyguard Romances You’ll Instantly Adore

by Silvana Reyes January 04, 2023

If you’re a fan of romantic movies, you’ve for sure watched The Bodyguard (1992) starring powerhouses Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner. I bet you fell in love with the bodyguard trope from that point forward! It’s such a good trope! The way one person’s whole mission and goal is to protect you so you don’t get hurt? That they’ll always be there when you need them the most? It can't be beaten!

The bodyguard trope has high-stakes situations, forbidden love, intense scenes where the bodyguard’s emotions are running wild when the main character gets hurt, etc. There are a few books in this list that also have a little bit of fake dating because they obviously don’t want the world to know they have a bodyguard, so of course, they are going to pretend their new bodyguard is their partner *swoons*

The Bodyguard by Katherine Center

The Bodyguard by Katherine Center

We don’t get a lot of romance books with heroines who are bodyguards! ButThe Bodyguard is going to easily enchant you with the story and the characters in the pages of the book. It’s the story of Hannah who just recently became the bodyguard hired to protect actor Jack Stapleton from a stalker.

But when his mother gets sick and forces him to return to his family’s Texas ranch, he doesn’t want them to know about the stalker thing. Or his new bodyguard. And so Hannah finds herself pretending to be Jack’s girlfriend as a cover!

I Like You Like That by Kayla Grosse

I Like You Like That by Kayla Grosse

Birdie and Liam haven’t seen each other in years. Once upon a time, they were the best of friends. Until Birdie confessed her crush to him. Since that moment, Birdie has become a global sensation; a famous rockstar that tours around the world. And Liam has become a distant memory to her… Until she starts receiving mysterious letters that happen to be a little bit terrifying.

Kayla's people tell her to hire a bodyguard as soon as possible, but her new bodyguard who walks through her doors is Liam himself and they’re both not happy about that. It’s time though, for questions to be answered and pasts to be left behind. 

The Plan by Karla Sorensen

The Plan by Karla Sorensen

After experiencing a car crash when a paparazzi was trying to take pictures of her, Lydia has become quite a hermit. She basically doesn’t come out of her parents’ house nowadays.

Her parents are worried for her, so they decide to hire a bodyguard to give her a little push onto the outside world. They never thought the grumpy bodyguard would fall for the sunshine influencer. 



Keep Me Close by RM Virtues

Keep Me Close by RM Virtues

This book is inspired by Greek mythology, specifically Aphrodite and Hephaestus. It follows Aphrodite who after an attempt on her life gets assigned a bodyguard. In this case, her new broody bodyguard is none other than Hephaestus, the man she despises.

Truth be told, they both hate each other, so this is definitely not an ideal situation. But the proximity has created a simmering attraction between them and they start to realize that they make more sense together rather than apart.


Twisted Games by Ana Huang

Twisted Games by Ana Huang

Twisted Games is a royal romance between a princess and her bodyguard. Stoic and broody, Rhys doesn’t break the rules. He has never been tempted to do it… until her, of course. Bridget is everything he wishes for but everything he denies himself having.

He knows nothing good will come out of it. Or maybe he tries to believe that because he knows that he is meant for her. Day by day, Bridget manages to break his defenses and slowly climb into his heart. This forbidden fantasy will have you on the edge of your seat with all the yearning and pining!


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