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5 Anticipated Fall Releases You Cannot Miss

by Silvana Reyes October 05, 2022

We have arrived at my favorite season: fall! First, my birthday is in September, and that makes me a fall baby. And second, because truly this is the best season of them all. It isn’t too hot out there but it also isn’t too cold; the perfect type of weather. And a perfect type of weather brings out the best of books, just saying. Don’t you just love whenever it’s chilly outside and you have a little bit of time to read a new book that just came out? Under a warm blanket and maybe even a hot chocolate by the side. The best you can do with that is to pair it up with a fall book! 

In this list, I’m going to be mentioning anticipated fall releases I’m excited about. They’re definitely books you need to be aware of and you need to pre-order immediately. 

Finding Gene Kelley by Torie Jean

Finding Gene Kelly by Torie Jean 

Are you ready to enjoy a delicious fake dating romance set in Paris?Finding Gene Kelly tells the story of Evie O’Shea who once upon a time married her next-door neighbor at the age of five.

Of course, she divorced him when she was seven after he threw a muddy football at her while she was reading Eloise in Paris. From that moment, he became the bane of her existence. Fate is a funny mistress though because years later who is the one who can help her out? Liam Kelly.

Just Between Us by Madison Wright

Just Between Us by Madison Wright

As soon as I saw the cover ofJust Between Us, I was transported to the fall season. The brown leaves falling around the couple, the colors…this really is THE book to read this fall.

In this novel, you’ll get to meet Ellie Bates who is on thin ice with her parents. She knows she cannot break any more rules or… in this case, date someone off-limits. Like, a resident in her apartment complex! But handsome Camden Lane is here to shake up her world.




The Co-Op by Tara DeWitt

The Co-Op by Tarah DeWitt

Tarah DeWitt has repeatedly written books that have fall vibes.Funny Feelings is one of them. But also her upcoming novel,The Co-Op, is definitely going to enchant us completely. This book will make you believe in second chances and unexpected love when you meet LaRynn Lavigne and Deacon Leeds, the protagonists.

When they were teenagers, they had a summer fling. But it definitely stayed that way. But now, a decade later, they find out their grandmothers have left them a crumbling building. To fix it up, things… need to happen. Deacon has the construction expertise but lacks funds. While LaRynn has a trust fund but needs to get married to access it. So, it’s clear that they should get a marriage of convenience, right? 

Off the Ice by Jaqueline Snowe

Off the Ice by Jaqueline Snowe

Snowe is returning to her Central State series with the fourth book,Off the Ice, where we’ll finally get Elle and Cal’s happily ever after. If you love sports, more specifically hockey, and romance, this series, and this book, is perfect for you. While it is the fourth book, you can read it as a standalone; it stands as its own story and the romance is between different characters as in the other books.

In this book, Elle wants to move away from the shadow of her brother and start building a life of her own. She decides to work at this dive bar but, suddenly, she finds herself facing her former crush when the owner has a family emergency and leaves his nephew in charge of the bar.

Just Like Magic by Sarah Hogle - Romance Novel, Holiday Romance

Just Like Magic by Sarah Hogle 

In Just Like Magic, Hogle will make you laugh out loud constantly while you, at the same time, fall in love with a romance you will never forget. Bettie Hughes had once enjoyed a life of luxury. Sadly, all that money has been spent. Because she doesn’t want anyone to know, especially her family, she has kept this a secret, making it appear she still has that extravagant lifestyle.

When she accidentally summons a charming Holiday spirit, she sees this opportunity as a way to deceive her family during the holiday season. But meeting Hall will pretty much change her whole outlook on life. Maybe she’ll even find love.


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