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Loved the treats in this box! Very kind seller and thoughtful things in the box.

I loved my blind date box ❤️

A romance readers dream box. Loved everything.

Beautiful little book sleeve

Perfect for spring! Will keep your kindle or small paperback safe.


Wonderful!!! Great gifts and an author I hadn’t read but Really like!!!

Loved everything!

Even though the box says small, you still receive so many fun items! Absolutely in love with everything, especially the tshirt. Def recommend to all my bookish fans!

Loved my first box!! 💜

My first Romance Book and Chill Box came a day after Valentine's Day but was filled with lovely romantic goodies that made my day! I can't wait to see next months box!

Amazing items

Loved the books and the items. All unique and well balanced.

Good books, worth the price. It would be nice if this was a subscription option.


Both books sound good!


I loved everything! The shirt was soft, the sweet was actually from a place not far from me, my brother stole the candle. I am also looking forward to diving into both books!

Loved it!!


Absolutely loved this box! Great assortment of items and two books I’m very excited to read!

Romance Book and Chill Box
Danielle Isolano
I love this box!

I have loved every single box I received! It is a great treat to receive each month and I always look forward to it! I enjoy the yummy snack and the romance books that come with a bookplate and a letter from the author as well! You can tell that a lot of time and effort is put into the curation of these boxes!

Excited to read these!

I’m very excited to read the books I received in my blind date with a book boyfriend box. I also love the card that came with it.


The romance and chill box is greatness in a box.

Yay! Love my new box!

Romance Book and Chill Box
Vanesa Lopez-Zavala
Love my first box

I am in love with the first box. Haven’t started the book yet but I am excited to get to it. Can’t wait for next months box!

Romance Book and Chill Box
Kayla Williams
Awesome box!

This is my first book box ever and I couldn’t be happier! The book was one I’ve been wanting to read and come on.. who doesn’t love cats? The cat themed goodies made it that much better 🫶🏼

Romance Book and Chill Box
Jessica Spillane

I’ve only received 2 boxes so far and I’m already in love with this box 😁

Love it!

I’m looking forward to reading my book, loved the stickers. My daughter has her eye on my snacks so I’ll have to hide those 😉

Romance Book and Chill Box
Jennifer Stockwell-Schardt

Box was just ok, was hoping for more excitement.

I Have No Shelf Control Tote
Tiffany Cutshall

Loved the tote! Can’t wait to use it!

So pretty!

I love it! So pretty and PINK! Love the keychain too and have it attached to the book sleeve! Can’t wait to use it!

Book selection….eh

The goodies are always spectacular, and I have discovered many new authors from the books I’ve received. This month (June 2023) is truly the first in which I was thoroughly disappointed in the book choice. I definitely wasn’t a fan and had to DNF.