Finding Your Next Book Boyfriend
Just Got Wayyy Easier!

Everything You Need in One Box to read, Swoon, and Relax Your Way to Happily Ever After. 

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Don't You Love Curling Up With That Perfect, Swoon-Worthy Romance Novel that Sweeps You Away?

Sometimes you need an escape from every day life, to get lost in the pages of an unforgettable romance. But finding that perfect book is time consuming and overwhelming and now you're stuck in a reading rut! 😩

Wouldn't it be nice to...

  • Have a book fairy that delivers the perfect romance novel right to your door step every month so you always know what to read next?
  • Come home after a long day to find happy book mail waiting for you at your door so you can relax and get lost in the pages of a steamy romance with all the feels?
  • Treat yourself every month with an amazing romance novel, yummy treats, self-care items plus fun bookish goodies so you can pamper yourself like the bookish goddess you are?
  • Discover new authors so you can fall in love with a new book boyfriend every month?

Romance Book and Chill Box Is Curated Just for YOU!

  • It's for the romance reader who loves discovering new authors and new stories to binge.
  • It's for bookworms who just want a book fairy to tell them what romance to read next.
  • It's for voracious readers who love receiving happy book mail.
  • It's for readers who love to be surprised and delighted with the perfect monthly bookish gift to treat  themselves.
  • It's for YOU! ♥️📚

What's Inside Your Box?

Everything you need to read, relax, and swoon ❤️...

  • A steamy romance novel with all the feels, signed by the author in any format.
  • Gourmet treats to enjoy with your coffee, tea, or wine while you read.
  • Self-care items to pamper yourself.
  • Fun bookish goodies like stickers, bookmarks, and author swag.
  • Access to our Facebook group

Elevate your Me-Time. Subscribe and swoon your way to your HEA today! ❤️


About Joanna, Founder of Romance Book and Chill Box

I'm an avid romance reader, just like you! Everything in the box carefully curated by me, just for you ❤️. All you have to do is subscribe, open your box as soon as it arrives and get your HEA on.


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